Price:£500.00 ono
VAT:To be added
2x Dri-Eaz 1200 Dehumidifier good condition - £500 ono each

Ideal for mold remediation and water restoration work.

The DrizAir 1200 brings you into the next generation of commercial dehumidifiers! Its high-tech appearance pleases customers, and its practical convenient features make it the dehumidifier of choice for mold remediation contractors.

Powerful water removal - up to 15 gallons (120 pints) per day! Impressive good-looks - high-tech rotomolded design with no sharp edges or rusting.

Easy to use - touch-pad controls, integrated cord wrap for fast set-up and tear-down! Telescoping handle - lift handle for transport, slide down into locked position for use or storage.

Dri-Eaz 1200 Dehumidifier
VAT:To be added
Complete with drive batteries and 12V 20amp charger

Charger and batteries will also fit other equipment such as golf buggies etc.

RCM Battery Operated Pedestrian Sweeper / Collector
Units:25 — Price is per unit
VAT:To be added
Ropes available in various colours

All brand new & boxed
Price £24.99 + vat per  post

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Gold or silver barrier posts
Units:50 — Price is per unit
VAT:To be added
Used crowd control barriers, still in decent condition, minimal rust etc. Most with linking parts. Very lightweight. Fixed feet on them.

Just £19.50 each. Selling as we’re buying a different batch which makes these incompatible.

We are selling lots of things at the moment , trestle tables, other chairs etc etc good prices given on bulk.

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crowd control barriers
This was installed 3 years ago ( pictures do not do it justice ) inside a Porsche main dealer ship where it had little use.

5.8 meters high to the floor level. It's made up from two poles then the treads slide over poles which are 3 meters and 2.8 meters.

This is NOT your usual cheap imported quality.

Two landings so could be made into two sets, we have carefully taken this apart.

Internal/external fire escape

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Commercial 5.8 m galvanized spiral staircase
This was installed in a small warehouse where we have carefully removed it saving the nuts bolts and boards.

The floor size is 12 meters x 19 meters ( 228 square meters) plus the bit that makes the L shape the height to the top of the floor is 3.7 meters, purlins are 3 meters and it is 3 meters the other way between the uprights, the RSJs are 30 cm.

Two sets of stairs as you can see from the pictures with a mid way landing, double pallet gate and hand rail.

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Mezzanine Floor with 2x Stairs, Pallet Gate and Handrail
Units:2 — Price is per unit
This was installed in a Boots store roller shutter that cost 36k carefully removed and fully working.

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Becker A150-S32-LK roller shutter door drive
This was installed in a London airport food out let that moved after only 3 months

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Danfoss Optyma Plus housed condensing unit
This was installed in a London airport food out let that moved after only 3 months

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GEA Searle KEC35-4l 240v Cold Room Cooling Unit Condensing Blower
VAT:To be added
This is an excellent quality rink manufactured in Germany to exacting standards it is 12 months old and has had very little use.

Its overall condition is excellent and its superior barrier system puts these rinks far above any systems available from UK manufacturers.

It is offered for sale at £25k

  • New items to package if required offered at £5k
  • Ice-y-blue 700 Okulen/Noiceone ice skating floor panels 144 square meter
  • Ultimate barrier system to suit
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ice rink
This was installed in a Currys store warehouse.

Good quality

1.28 meters x 2.30 meters x 67 cm

It has been dismantled for easier shipping.

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Small Steel Mezzanine Floor Fire Escape Stairs and Handrail
This was installed in a Currys store warehouse.

Good quality.

Total height is 390 cm floor height is 2.8 cm ladder width is 60 cm

It has been dismantled in to 2 parts for easier shipping.

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Steel fire escape ladder
Reduced to:£2.50
Units:10 — Price is per unit
VAT:To be added
3x kids and 7x adults

Reduced to £2.50 each pair
ski boots
Price:£500.00 ono
VAT:To be added
This job lot has come from an outdoor theatre show. Most units have had the battery disconnected before packing. We do not have the time to individually test all units, but the far majority will be perfectly functional. Most have safety bond and/or scaff clamp attached.

Minimum Contents:
  • 21 off KES 8w emergency bulkhead on black plastic backboard with hood
  • 20 off KES twin head emergency back up light mounted on black plastic backboard
  • 6 off 8w emergency bulkhead
  • 4 off metal emergency exit box
  • Quantity of spares
Event Emergency Lighting Equipment
Reduced to:£2.50
Units:9 — Price is per unit
VAT:To be added
Ski poles approx. 1m

Reduced to £2.50 each
ski poles
Reduced to:£1350.00
Units:2 — Price is per unit
Commercial Artificial Christmas Trees NEW.

13 feet high and 10 feet diameter. Made up on solid metal frame.

Takes 2-3 Hours to erect.

Ideal Shopping Centres or Large Events

£1350 each - 2 available
Large Artifical Christmas Trees
Reduced to:£720.00
Wooden Cabin. Ideal long term Santas grotto.

Tongue and Groove Quality finish. As new.

8feet (2.4m) deep x 14 feet (4.25m).
Christmas grotto
Reduced to:£40.00
Units:12 — Price is per unit
VAT:To be added
Chrome Barrier Post is very sturdy and has 4 holes on the top so you can attach your ropes.

The post is very elegant with a shiny Chrome finish.

Also available in gold.

Soft Tube Ropes with Chrome or gold ends are 1.5 meters long

Reduced to £40 per post and £14 per rope

All brand new
Barrier poles and ropes
Reduced to:£4.05
Units:13 — Price is per unit
VAT:To be added
Reduced to £4.05 eachassorted skis
VAT:To be added
23m x 12m Full ice rink.
Side Barriers
180x pairs of Roxa skates from kids size 7 to adults size 12
Automatic Xtraice pro skate sharpening machine
Full sound system + Lights
5x Seat support aids
10x Helmet, knee and arm pad sets
Changing benches
65 x Wooden customer shoe storage units

A fantastic opportunity as a permanent business or as a portable business for events and Christmas markets.

Click here for a full list of equipment and description.

Portable Ice rink for sale
VAT:To be added
450sqm real ice rink - quick assembly as ribbons are attached to headers

Maximum skaters 150 - 180

Headers and ribbons stored on stillages for easy handling/transportation

Stillages are stackable for easy storage

Can be made narrower by 2m at a time and in any length
Ice Rink Business for sale
Units:4 — Price is per unit
VAT:To be added
IBC 1000 litre water tanks

Ideal Weights for marquees as they weigh a tone (literally 1000kg) when full and almost nothing when empty.

They come with a large screw off cap in the top for filling and a 50mm outlet with a tap on the bottom for dispensing the liquid.

They come on a pallet for moving them around however can be man handled when empty.
IBC 1000L water tank
Units:4 — Price is for all units.
VAT:To be added
Out door / indoor

Heavy base


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4 black poles
Price:£20000.00 ono
VAT:To be added
One used Synthetic Ice panels (rink size 80 Ft X 40 Ft) approx
  • Side walling with two access doors
  • 100 m2 Rubber interlocking Flooring
  • Netting unknown qty
  • Two Ice Hockey Goals
  • Four Bobby Seal Skating Aids
  • 250 Ice Hockey Skates Sizes from 9c up to 12
  • One Black Stone portable skate grinder (with owner’s manual)
  • EZ GLIDE 350 Dovetail Installation Manual
Barn not included

Rink will be dismantled mid April
EZ GLIDE 350 Synthetic Ice Rink
VAT:To be added
3 speed pedestal fan. Height adjustable from 1,092.2mm to 1,320.8mm. Fan 406.4mm

Summer’s here, well this week anyway. Brand new fans ready to situate where you need them most. Powerful and sturdy for office or home.

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Lloytron Oscillating Pedestal Fan
Units:22 — Price is per unit
VAT:To be added
2m long by 1m wide

Most have plug sockets inside
Christmas Wooden Hut With Barn Doors
VAT:To be added
We're interested in buying used synthetic ice rinks, that are in good working order

WANTED: Synthetic Ice Rinks
Units:20 — Price is per unit
20x Refurbished penguin skating aids, like new!

£200 each
Penguin skating aid
Reduced to:£150.00 ono
Brand new never used, lying packed since I bought it a few years back.

Offers Invited!
Portable air conditioner still in box
Price:£50.00 ono
Units:5 — Price is for all units.
5 barrier posts.

Slotted collar for rope attachment.

Concrete very heavy weighted base.

Base is a bit rusty but can painted.
5 stainless steel barrier posts
Reduced to:£15950.00 ono
VAT:To be added
115sqm Synthetic 1000pp Rink

First Class condition - Ready to use

Can be used indoors or outdoors

It comes with:
  • 70 + Pairs of skates
  • Floor cleaning machine
  • PRO SHARP Skate sharpener
  • Interlocking Skate racks
The price INCLUDES DELIVERY & INSTALL anywhere in the UK

Rink will hold approx 60 skaters per session with an average price of £5 per skater
115sqm Synthetic 1000pp Rink
VAT:To be added
We have 16 Christmas Chalets for sale in the following dimensions
  • 6 12ft x 8ft
  • 4 12ft x 6ft
  • 4 8ft x 6ft
  • 2 10ft x 6ft
They are all on a metal base so as they can be moved by a forklift, they come with White snow effect roofs, Garlands all around and commercial grade festoon lights. Each chalets has a powder fire extinguisher, and it's own distribution board.
Huts for a christmas themed markets
VAT:To be added
Vent-axia CF42

Model - cf42 / 42n1 / 3w / 459389

Exposed ceiling mounting type room

Air conditioner outdoor unit

Heating capacity

Cooling capacity

3 phase

Execellent condtion
Vent axia air conditioning unit
VAT:To be added
New condition.

Price £50
Durable Key Box
1 x inflatable santas grotto (very good condition)
This item is now sold
Santas Grotto
VAT:To be added
- Chrome
- Weighted base
- 4 way connecter
- 2.3m black belt (with London 2012 printed on it)
- Any colour replacement belt available at £4.95 each
- Excellent condition


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events barriers
Units:200 — Price is per unit
VAT:To be added
Galvanised steel framed screen / panels with clear PVC / Plastic screen with kick board along the bottom.

They were designed as a mobile ice rink surround.

It comes with curved corner. Should make a arena 100m x 100m (300ft x 300ft).

Ice rink safety pannels
Units:100 — Price is per unit
VAT:To be added
Ex Commonwealth Games:
  • Chrome.
  • Good condition. Used in the Commonwealth Games (and/or Olympic Games).
  • Twisted rope available at cost if required.
  • Further photos available if required.
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Chrome Rope Barrier Stanchions Queue
VAT:To be added
Can be joined as shown by spacer bars.

Need cleaning and repainting.

Set of 4 frames, 3 spacer bars as shown extend to 32ft in length.

2’11” high, detachable feet.

Price £40.50 the set
Black Steel Barrier Frames
Reduced to:£355.50 ono
Units:15 — Price is per unit
VAT:To be added
We have 15 Litebarrier from Litestructures for sale.

We have owned these from new and always stored inside.

All barriers are in good condition.

We are asking £355.50 plus VAT per barrier or £4,950 + VAT for the lot.

We can also supply the all important structural paperwork with these barriers - to keep your health and safety people happy.
15 Aluminium Mojo type barriers for sale
VAT:To be added
Consists of 12 x 6ft long by 3ft high panels and 13 x 6ft long by 2ft 6in high panels (plus 3 short section) with rustic posts to match (or your could use metal stakes)

Used 3/4 times for reserved areas all fits onto 1 pallet. Easily erected simply link frames to posts with cable ties etc.

Price £270 the 50 metres
Fencing or Enclosure for Outside
Reduced to:£80.00
Units:8 — Price is per unit
VAT:To be added
Standard IBC weights /containers

8 available
IBC 1000L water weight
Used once

On wheels with 100 Natural Wooden Hangers

3x Black 6ft Coat Hanging Rails  - Peterborough
VAT:To be added
Grey Frame

Black Cloth
Used Medical Room First Aid Bed Examination Couch
Units:100 — Price is per unit
VAT:To be added
New white plastic post and chain.

Post 100cm max height, with adjustable height sections.

Free standing with plastic base (fill with water or sand) ideal for attractive barriers - walkways etc.

The chain is a separate cost to the posts.
Plastic post and chain
Price:£10000.00 ono
VAT:To be added
We have 2 jigsaw surfaces and 3 H tongued panel surfaces for sale (without H tongues)

Jigsaw 1 - Surface area: 99m2
Jigsaw 2 - Surface area: 21m2
Panel 1 - Surface area: 77m2
Panel 2 - Surface area: 136m2
Panel 3 - Surface area: 26m2

Panel surfaces 2 and 3 could be made to fit together if you considered machining them and would make a nice 12x12m rink

These 5 surfaces DO NOT come with barriers, although we can quote to have barriers made up for these surfaces

Price is £10k +VAT or near offer for the lot, may consider selling separately
Synthetic Ice Surface for sale
Price:£1300.00 ono
VAT:To be added
3m x 3m crepe chalet comes with crepe and raclettes signage

2 burner professional crepe machine & professional raclette machine

It is great for doing christmas markets or for selling crepes at outdoor events

Fits inside a transit van with sectional assembly so easy to transport
Crepe Hut / Chalet complete with Crepe and Raclettes Signage and Equipment
Units:3 — Price is per unit
VAT:To be added
– Brand New in sealed packaging

– Roll Size : 4m x 20m [80sqm]

– Thickness: 300mu 1200gauge

– Colour: Grey

A monolithic LDPE barrier designed primarily for use with radon gas. Fully radon tested and approved by NSAI. Meets requirements of BRE211 Rhinoplast RB Super will form an effective passive barrier against Radon gas penetration. The film will also act as a proprietary damp-proof membrane.

Whole lot for sale at £40 each
Rhinoplast Ultra Radon Barrier Membrane Sheeting
Reduced to:£800.00 ono
Used Walkthrough Metal Detector available for sale.

Make: Ceia
Model: HI PE Multizone
Age: 6 Years old
Condition: Good - some signs of wear and tear
Size: 225 x 93 x 66cm

Capable of detecting a wide range of threat objects composed of magnetic, non-magnetic metals and mixed alloys.
Quick, accurate analysis of all parts of the body of people in transit, from the shoe level to the crossbar.

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Ceia HI-PE Walkthrough Metal Detector
VAT:To be added
Use as a temp office or equipment storage

1 year old from new, cost £1,300

New & selling for £600
Office cabin
Foresters cottage
Truck for sale