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Price: £0 ono VAT Free
For Sale Ice Resurfacer Olympia ST-75 (Natural Gas) General Recondition, New Blade, New Side Brush, New Tyres (90%), with Ice Resurfacer Olympia-Edger 4 (6 HP briggs and straton motor).
Price: £25,000 o.n.o
For sale Ice hockey rink (Canadian size: 58 m X 28 m) with all around protected glass. Accepted for Christmas Ice or Stationary rink.
Price: £25,000 o.n.o
For sale Graf Arena Ice Skating Boots a lot sizes 520 pairs.
Price: £10,000 o.n.o
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Price: £15 +VAT
Ice skate boots for sale
Many available various quality

4-5 year old roxa hockey boots @ £15.00
1-2 year old roxa figures @£22.00

Hockey and figures available
Sold in batches of one hundred
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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items