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Sold Prosharp AS1001 Skate Sharpening Machine - Cheshire


The PROSHARP AS1001 achieves uniformly high-quality grinding results with automated grinding cycles, constant pressure and even feed speed. Fully serviced machine! A new machine costs over £5k! We have 4 fully reconditioned machines available!
After fixing the boot in a clamping device, the whole clamping device moves automatically backwards and forwards over the grinding wheel at an even speed. With the new PROSHARP AS1001 anything is possible - from surface grinding up to a 6 millimetre radius.

Key Features:
• Fast adjustable hollow. Flat to 1/4 inch.
• Quick pressure and speed adjustment.
• Quick self-cantering blade guide.
• Quick set Standard Blade Profiles.
• Same, consistently sharp edges.
• Simple set up & uncomplicated operation.
• Energy efficient, low maintenance.

Key Benefits:
• Can meet all ranges of customised hollows.
• Allows greater customisations while ensuring consistent toe to heel sharpening.
• Quickly and perfectly align skates with hand lever.
• Fast simple blade profiling templates ensures precise shaping without the need to cross cut blade.
• Automated process ensures consistent results every time.
• All adjustments can be made quickly and easily thus reducing machine downtime.
• Designed to minimise cost and maximise operational uptime. Requires very little space to set up and operate.

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Delivery notes

Location Warrington, Cheshire

This item is now sold

Price: Sold
Brand: Prosharp
Model: AS1001

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