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Complete rink. Size 12x12m but it can be configured to make a 9x8m or 10x10m size if preferred.
Also comes with spare ice slabs.
Good quality set up.
Slabs 1xm x 1m and 18mm thick.
All slot together using rods which are all included.
Once erected barriers slide on the sides. This rink has been used but is in very good condition.
Skate rack and Skates can be purchased separately if required.

£15000 +VAT

Ice rink for sale

Sold 2x Synthetic Ice Rinks - Norwich, Norfolk

Price: £6000 +VAT ono
Synthetic Ice Rink

£6000 +VAT ono

Synthetic Ice Rink
| Quantity: 2

Synthetic Ice Surfaces - No Barriers

Price: £10000 +VAT ono
Synthetic Ice Surface for sale
We have 2 jigsaw surfaces and 3 H tongued panel surfaces for sale (without H tongues)
Jigsaw 1 - Surface area: 99m2
Jigsaw 2 - Surface area: 21m2
Panel 1 - Surface area: 77m2
Panel 2 - Surface area: 136m2
Panel 3 - Surface area: 26m2
Panel surfaces 2 and 3 could be made to fit together if you considered machining them and would make a nice 12x12m rink
These 5 surfaces DO NOT come with barriers, although we can quote to have barriers made up for these surfaces
Price is £10k +VAT or near offer for the lot, may consider selling separately

£10000 +VAT ono

Synthetic Ice Surface for sale
HFA Removals

WANTED: Synthetic Ice Rinks

Price: £0 +VAT
WANTED: Synthetic Ice Rinks
We're interested in buying used synthetic ice rinks, that are in good working order
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details


WANTED: Synthetic Ice Rinks

Sold 98m2 of Xtraice Synthetic Ice Rink - Lanarkshire

Price: £12000 VAT Free
Synthetic Ice Rink

Sold Synthetic Ice Rink - Berkshire

Price: £16000 +VAT ono
Synthetic Ice Rink

£16000 +VAT ono

Synthetic Ice Rink
Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items