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Cooling system aluminum tubes (2017); size 15x3 meters
17x upright; 5x corner upright; 22x foot stand; 17x 2 meter boarding; 6x 1 meter boarding; 2x 2 meter collector; 2x 1 meter collector

£15000 +VAT

Mobile Real Ice skating rink
Cooling system rubber mats size 26 x 14 meters;
Board elements

£35000 +VAT

Real Ice Rink. Pipe Work, Rubber Mats and Skating Equipment.
Hockey equipment inc. Jerseys, Nets, skates, hockey sticks
AST Curling Marking Kits
Lighting equipment, barriers, irrigation pump, Gazebo, Podium

£13000 +VAT

Random widths and lengths of insulation
Used for real ice rinks
8mm to 12mm

£1.50 Per Sq M each

| Quantity: 10000
Pipework for a 20m x 30m Ice rink full epdm pipework with headers

£25000 +VAT

2000L of Blue pure Glycol
1500L of Mixed Red Glycol
Ideal for Ice rinks

From £1 Per L each

| Quantity: 3500
20m X 12m ice rink
Complete with Barriers, Skating racks + 200 Skates, Rubber matting and 20 polar bear skating aids.

£55000 +VAT each

| Quantity: 2

£32000 £29000 +VAT ono

£3500 £2500 VAT Free ono

| Quantity: 8

£25000 £10000 VAT Free ono

£35000 +VAT ono

£65000 VAT Free ono

£20000 £18000 +VAT ono

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