German Built Market Stall Huts - Herefordshire


These iconic german market stall huts are ideal for Christmas markets, food markets, craft fairs festivals and shows. They were bought direct from the German manufacture.

Although a few years old they are still in good condition. They could be used as is, however they would benefit from a little TLC. They would look almost new with a lick of wood stain.

They are designed to be transported “flat pack” and can be erected by two people in a few minutes. They have a sturdy floor and the walls are built around this. With a sturdy watertight roof.

They can be left up on a semi permanent basis giving some protection for stock overnight.

They come in two designs

3m x 2m with an opening to the 3M front and two 2M sides.
The front hatch door lifts up to form a roof over your stock and customers.
There are two side hatch doors as well as a back door.

4M x 2M with removable night covers and an overhanging roof.
These have genuine shingle roofs making them look extra special.

These huts were over £1500 each when new.

Price £750 with floor

Ring to discuss quantity discounts.

Delivery notes

Located Herefordshire - delivered nationally.

Contact notes

01568 708 655
07836 722 891
Price: £750 +VAT
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