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Mike stand (round base)
2x hoist up lighting stands
T Bars
4x Keyboard stands
3x Large speaker stands
4x Smaller speaker stands
6x Mike stands

£250 +VAT

13x Large Flight cases / trunks
12x Smaller flight cases of mixed sizes
Ideal for sound and lighting equipment

£1875 +VAT

| Quantity: 25
Rack mounted Amps and mixer
Ideal for bar, club or band
Pulse PLA900 power amp
MPX 410DMP Mixer
XS Sennheiser wireless microphone
Lockable drawer for microphones etc.

£350 +VAT

Citronic Rack Flight Case With Sloped Rack Mount For Mixer
+ Choice of amps
+ Receiver for radio microphone

£95 +VAT

220 - 250V
Type 023
Midnight Series Black Commando Socket

£4 +VAT each

| Quantity: 17
Power Distribution board
Ideal for catering marquees, Bands or Craft fairs
Provides plenty of plugs
All mounted on a plywood board.

£100 +VAT

Blue 63 A, 230v, 3 pin, single phase cable mounted plug, IP 67 rated. These plugs & sockets are often used with generators, temporary power supplies, industrial machinery and marine power. Mennekes manufacturer of plugs for the world, for over 75 years in Germany.
The Mennekes range sets the benchmark for reliability, durability, ease of use

£25 +VAT each

| Quantity: 9

From £2.50 Per M each

| Quantity: 500
Marquee distro
64 Amp in
6x 13 amp out

£40 +VAT

16amp in
16amp Out
4x 13amp sockets
Ideal for marquees

£50 +VAT

35mm Speaker Wall Bracket With Tilt & Turn - Liverpool
Made by Pulse
Model BRK-35TT
The Pulse tilt and turn speaker wall bracket is designed for loudspeaker installations utilising a 35mm top hat. The bracket is capable of holding up to a 50kg speaker, and the combination of a swivel arm and 3 position tilting pole-mount allows for the speaker to be directed at the desired area.

£8 +VAT each

| Quantity: 18
64amp Single phase splitter
Two fuses ( Multi 9 C60HC C32 240/415v)
Two 32amp outlets Cee Form Blue (single phase)

£60 +VAT

Tall glass door fridge
Ideal for drinks or beer
1800mm high
500mm x 600mm

£275 +VAT

Rustic bar unts
Ideal for events and weddings

£275 +VAT each

| Quantity: 4
2x 1.5m Bars
1x Corner
This is for framework only
You could apply graphic panels to this framework to make a branded or themed bar
Or you could use translucent panels and LED lights to make a colour changing bars.

£400 +VAT

Double door back bar fridge In good working order Glass doors Made by Gamko

£300 +VAT each

| Quantity: 4
Ex hire round tables
31x 5Ft Round tables
5x 4Ft Round table
1x 6Ft Round table
2x 5Ft 6" Round table

From £35 +VAT

2x Go pack 4ft x 2Ft
5x Go Pack 4' x 2ft 6"
2x Go Pack 5Ft x 2Ft 6"
5x Plywood Trestles with rubber edge 6FT
1x Gopack6Ft x 2'6"

£20 From each

| Quantity: 15
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