Sold 98m2 of Xtraice Synthetic Ice Rink - Lanarkshire


This rink was purchased from Xtraice, the world's market leading technology in synthetic ice. Very low maintenance as the panels are self lubricated and don't need anything added. It's only 14 months old and it had a 6 year guarantee from purchase. It is the most ice like feeling synthetic rink on the market and doesn't require the skates to be sharpened as often (up to 14 hours continuous skating before blades need sharpened). Was purchased by a Nisa qualified coach whilst local rink closed for refurbishment.
In excellent condition and one side of the panels have never been used.
Can be easily installed in a couple of hours, indoors or outdoors. The tongue and grove system links together easily. Help to set up the pad is available if travel costs are covered.
Ideal for general skating, birthday parties and lessons.

What's included:
98m2 of 1m x1m Xtraice panels (easy to lift) shape of rink can be adjusted depending on requirements. Also can be easily expanded by purchasing more panels from Xtraice.

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