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Great ice rink package for a first time buyer to get you started or for the experienced operator.
With adaptable pipe system.
Quick sale due to storage and moving locations.

£25000 £10000 VAT Free ono

Ice Rink 24 X 14 Meters
Alu-Star Portable Ice Rink 20m x 10m flooring system complete with headers.

Modular sections come in x1 meter width and x5 meter lengths.

So can be configured to many sizes. (Can be added to with more Alu-Star sections to create larger ice surface).

The equipment is 3 years old and has been used for various seasonal ice rink installations in the North-east of Scotland.

The ice mat is aluminium for great energy efficiency and quick ice making capability. Rental skates also available

(170 pairs - various sizes - ice hockey models with easy clips).

£22500 VAT Free ono

Real Ice Rink For Sale
20m x 28m epdm rink for sale, good used condition
Mat with barriers.
I also have skate lockers, Roxa skates, skate aids available

£32000 +VAT ono

ice rink
18 m x 8m Permaglide Surface, can be adapted to any size. Comes with all barriers required.
- Rod Installs
- Underlay
- Ice Skates various sizes
- Skate sharpener
- 4 x Penguin Aids
We paid £25,000 for this rink 2 years ago and was only used at our evening Christmas event for approx 30 evenings each year for 3 hours. Still erected so can be seen as a complete unit.

£16000 VAT Free ono

Ice Rink
HFA Removals

£295 +VAT ono each

Christmas huts for sale
| Quantity: 17

£7000 £6000 VAT Free ono

Ice rink for sale
20m x 30m epdm rink for sale used for three seasons
Matt with barriers also skate racks and skate aids available

£35000 +VAT

Real Ice Rink

£2000 £1500 +VAT ono

CagOne Skate Sharpener
Gable asset Finance - Click for a competitive quote

£130 +VAT ono each

10x Penguins Skating Aids
| Quantity: 10

£4375 +VAT ono

Used ice skates for sale
| Quantity: 350

£3500 +VAT each

Roller Skating Rinks
| Quantity: 5

£90 VAT Free

Manual Ice Flooder
HFA Removals
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